Q – Is there any mall in Cabilao?

  • Cabilao is a small and remote island. There is no shop on this island.

Q – Is there any restaurants on the island?

  • Besides the 3 dive resorts of the island that all have their own restaurant, there are no other options. During busy season, only in house guests have access to the resort restaurant. Same for other resorts.

Q – Is there ATM machine on the island?

  • No, there is unfortunately no ATM machine on the island. The closest ATM machine is in Tagbilaran, Bohol. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Q – Is there any bars or clubs on the island?

  • No bar, no club. This is a quiet island for families and divers


Q – How to get to Sandingan Pier?

  • Please refer to the transfer section for explanations

Q – Until what time is the public boat from Sandingan island available?

  • You can find local boats to give you a ride to the resort from Sandingan island pier from early morning until 10pm.

Q – Can we park our car in Sandingan Pier?

  • Yes you can park there, but remember you will need to give a tip to the locals of minimum 150 pesos per day of parking.

Q – Do we need additional transportation after getting a banca in Sandingan Pier?

  • When in Sandingan, you have 2 choices: get a public banca boat that will take you to Talisay pier, you would then need to get a motorbike taxi to reach the resort, OR get a private banca boat and ask them to take you directly to the resort.

Q – How to get to your island hotel from Cebu?

  • You first need to reach Bohol island, which is an easy journey and then refer to the transfer section for explanations

Q – What is your earliest and latest pick-up time from Bohol?

  • We can pick you up from almost anywhere in Bohol island anytime from 6am to 10pm.

Q – Can you bring us to Panglao Island when on Bohol Tour?

  • Sure we can.

Q – Is it possible to have a quick stop in Tagbilaran Mall on the way to the resort?

  • Sure no problem.

Q – Trasfer cost is per person or for a group?

  • Transfer cost is per group and per booking.

Q – Can we book a ferry ticket with you in advance?

  • Unfortunately ferry tickets have to be purchased directly at the pier prior to departure.

Q – How can I locate the person who is supposed to meet me at the airport?

  • He will be holding a sign with the resort’s name.

Q – Is it possible to change money on the way to Cabilao?

  • Sure, just let your driver know about it.


Q – Is there a shop to buy small things?

  • Yes, we sell local gifts, dive equipment and small items such as toothbrushes, razors and sunscreen…

Q – Is there kettle in the rooms?

  • No we do not have kettle in the rooms.

Q – Is there available hair dryer in the rooms?

  • We do have hair dryers available at the reception upon request.

Q – What is your check in and check out times?

  • Our check in time is 2pm and our check out time is 12 noon.

Q – Is it possible for early check-in? Until what time can we stay?

  • If your room is available, no problem to have an early check in. Checkout time however is fixed at 12 noon. You can however continue to enjoy the facilities and the restaurant all day long.

Q – Do we need to book massages at the SPA?

  • It is always better, especially in busy periods. We advise booking 12 hours in advance.

Q – Is it possible to arrange a day tour of Bohol from your resort please?

  • Sure we do propose this service. It costs 6,500 pesos per group. It includes the rental of a van with driver for the day and transfers from and to the resort. All excursions fees are extra and you have the freedom to decide on everything you want to see and do.

Q – Do you have a cot available?

  • Yes we do, free of charge.

Q – Do you have high chairs for babies in the restaurant?

  • Yes we do

Q – What is your policy for smoking?

  • Smoking is forbidden in the rooms, as well as in the restaurant and common areas. In compliance with the local laws, we have a dedicated area for you to smoke in front of the resort.

Q – I am not not planning to dive, is there any activity I can do in the resort?

  • Sure, we have a variety of activities for non divers. Please consult the list of activities in the Activity section of the website.


Q – Do you accept credit card payment in the resort?

  • We do accept payments in cash, Visa and MasterCard

Q – What currencies do you accept in the resort?

  • We do accept cash payments in PHP, USD and EUR. Exchange rate is based on the rate given, by at the time of payment, with no surcharge.

Q – Until when can we cancel for free?

  • You can cancel or modify your booking until 30 days prior to your arrival

Q – We have made a booking via and the information states that a prepayment is required. Could you please inform what conditions that apply?

  • Once you are in the non cancellable, non refundable period, 30 days prior to your arrival, we will charge the total amount of your reservation to your credit card.

Q – I do not have Paypal account, how can I settle my invoice from your website?

  • You do not need to have a PayPal account as the PayPal portal will allow you to pay by credit card, either Visa or Mastercard.


Q – Does room rate includes breakfast?

  • No, our room rates do not include breakfast. We have have different breakfast types available in the resort with a global budget of 350 pesos per person.

Q – Is it possible to book meals in advance?

  • Sure, especially when you are diving, you can order your meals to save time between your dives.

Q – Can we bring our own food and drinks?

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow the consumption of food and drinks from outside in the resort. Our restaurant carries all the major drinks, a good wine list and around 70 international and local dishes.

Q – Do you have any meal plan?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have any meal plan. We have a selection of around 70 international and local dishes available on the menu, very reasonably priced. We prefer you to have the choice…. and it will not cost you more!

Q – What is the budget for breakfast, lunch and diner?

  • You can plan on 350 pesos for breakfast, 400 pesos for lunch and 600 pesos for diner per person.


Q – Can we dive with you if we stay in another resort?

  • We are 3 resorts and dive operators on the island. We all serve our in house guests and thus if you are staying in another resort, you will have to dive with them.

Q – I am a Padi certified diver, can I dive with you?

  • Sure you can! We accept divers from all major dive agencies.

Q – I have not scuba dived in 9 years, do I need a refresher course?

  • If you haven’t been diving in the past 3 years, we would require you to get a refresher course. That would take only half a day and is a good way for you to feel more confident and enjoy your dives.

Q – I am a dive instructor and have all of my equipment, can I just rent tanks and weights from you?

  • It is unfortunately not possible. You will have to do a regular dive with our local guide as we do not rent tanks.

Q – I am a certified diver, I have been diving a lot, but I do not feel confident enough to dive with a local guide.

  • No worries, you can do what we call a supervised dive. It costs 1,850 pesos and you can dive with a foreign instructor instead of a local guide.

Q – Do we need to book for diving? 

  • You do not need to book your dives as we are diving everyday, 3 to 4 time and can accommodate all of our guests.

Q – Do I need to book dive courses?

  • It is always better as we could register you online so that you can read the whole theory before the start of your course. You would save precious time…

Q – What are the best dive spots in Cabilao?

  • We have 15 amazing dive spots all around the island. We dive those 15 sport all year long and are still amazed by the diversity of each of those sites. You could stay 6 months diving with us and we can guarantee you will not get bored…

Q – Is Cabilao suited for all levels of diving?

  • Sure it is. There are amazing things to watch from 3m to 120m deep, depending on your level of certification.

Q – Do you have Nitrox?

  • We are one of the only dive shop in the country to be equipped with our own membrane system. So we do have EAN Nitrox and our blending facility can even provide you with a wide variety of gas blends including Trimix.

Q – Where are you dive instructors from?

  • All of our instructors are French nationals, employed by Cabilao Divers. Please have a look at the Dive Team page to get the details of our instructors certifications.